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Inventory of cosmetics necessary for daily make-up

The choice of cosmetics must be based on their own skin, not every good product will be suitable for everyone. So what cosmetics should be used for daily make-up? Below the editor to introduce the necessary cosmetics for daily make-up, hope to be useful to you!

Basic makeup

Base makeup 1:

I will choose this one when I have time

It's very important to keep skin and moisture before make-up, otherwise the bottom make-up will be very dry and even peeling. Do a good job in moisturizing the skin, you don't have to worry about this problem.

After basic skin care, I went to isolation first. I chose this one by chance. I used it from a friend and thought it was easy to use. I just went to Korea and bought several. I used to give it as a gift on Weibo before. It's moisturizing, and I can adjust my skin color.

I used to use Chanel's peach isolation as isolation, but sometimes I thought it was easy to use, sometimes I thought it was extra white and a little oily. Later, I found that using Chanel's CC was a bit dry, but squeezing a little peach isolation and mixing it with cc made it magically easy to use. But the overall feeling is still a little heavy, not suitable for summer. The key is not to do more, just a little bit. Use the middle finger and index finger to push from the inside to the outside, and just a circle outside the face. The forehead and chin are pushed from the middle to both sides, the face is also pushed from the inside of the nasal wings to the outside, and the nose is pushed from the top to the bottom. It is also recommended for RMK's separate makeup milk and foundation, but it is more suitable for girls whose skin is good.

Loose powder is a lazy step for many people. The powder I choose is delicate and transparent. Why do I have to use loose powder? Because I don't want to spend it before I go out? After finishing the bottom makeup, I can brush my eyes and T-part.

Bottom makeup 2

More convenient, because lazy recently or with air BB cream more, 1 and 3 steps as above. BB air cushion is really the first choice for lazy people, easy to use, the effect is OK! Gently press the T-shaped area around, uniform placard can be.

2、 Eye makeup

The basic steps are eyebrow - eye shadow - eyelash - Eyeliner - eye shadow - Mascara.


I'm not very good at eyebrows, but lazy people with limited skills always have a way. Just go outside and fix the eyebrows in a shape that suits me. Just fill in the color with the eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder according to the shape. Start from the middle of the eyebrows and turn them in the direction of the eyebrow and the end of the eyebrow. I chose the eyebrow pencil of Uemura show, which has lost its original shape and the tip is flat Kind of, you can go to the counter at any time to repair the pen. This eyebrow pencil has been recommended by many people. If you are more careful, you will find that the eyebrow pencil of makeup artist is flat. Color selection and hair color can be similar ~ I use it seems to be gray brown 02

2. eye shadow

In the past, I like to use brushes for make-up. I feel very professional, but the brush can't guarantee the cleanness. It's especially easy to breed bacteria and get acne. Now basically use the middle finger abdomen, hand temperature, make-up more natural. First select the light colored eye shadow to cover the entire socket, and gently replace the eyebrow bone, the C area, the T area and the chin tip of the eye. Then use second shallow eye shadow to smear eye shadow from eye corner and eye tail to ensure eye position is always brightest. Chanel this eye shadow really has a box of such a color system is enough, 1-2 years is no problem. This color code is 226 (PS: 226 is my birthday, I just found it!)

4. Eyelashes

In general, I will put eyelashes before the eyeliner, otherwise I will get better Eyeliner if I have better eyeliner and eyelash. From the base of eyelashes to the middle. I used Uemura show, this used n years

5. eye liner

Eyeliner is very important. I can't accept eye liner unless you make up your special make-up technology and put on OK with false eyelashes and heavy makeup. I usually use eyeliner more, and I used Eyeliner before, but I still have some trouble and test skills. Eyeliner is simple and easy to operate. The eyeliner I used was bought at Sasa, only a few dozen yuan, it really works well. I used to love Mac and Dior eyeliner, but always cut and then can not find pencil sharpeners. It's really very troublesome, and it's also very fast. Dior didn't come up with this kind of eyeliner that needs to be cut. It's similar to the Japanese eyeliner, but I haven't used it for two times.

The eyeliner should be close to the root of the eyelash. Light makeup only lashes the root of the eyelash (inner Eyeliner) and gently outlines the eye tail. Slightly heavier, finish the inner eyeliner, then tightly stick to the root of the eyelash, and then change one, but be careful not to leave it. Then use the other side of the pen to faint, and you can also use eye shadow to blot out.

6. eye shadow

Then use eye shadow to halt the upper and lower eyeliner. At this time, you can use the cotton stick of the eye shadow box to select the second shallow coffee. Then use the third slightly heavier coffee color paste on the root of eyelashes. Finally, the lightest color can be used to brighten the middle of the eyeball, as well as the head of the eye.

7. Eyelashes

Brush horizontally close to the root of eyelashes, and then brush upward to lengthen. I must wait for the first time to be more dry, then the second time and the third time. Light make-up can be gently brushed twice ~ don't turn into fly legs ~

I use mascara of kiss me, general supermarket, Sasa sells.

Three. Blush and lipstick.

Blush is usually pink or orange, see which is suitable for yourself! I use more chanel44 pink and benefit's Dandelion rouge.

Daily make-up lipstick I choose is Chanel 55, the only used lipstick! Daily make-up steps 1. Clean the face skin: before the base color is applied, the unclean things on the face skin must be removed to start make-up. There are two ways to remove facial oil stains: oil wash and water wash. If the conditions permit, it is best to wash oil, that is, cleansing cream, cleansing cream and other oily skin cleanser. Its advantage is that it can not only remove the facial oil, make the face clean, but also protect the skin from the bad stimulation of alkaline substances such as soap.

2. Gently press the face cloth and neck with toner, and then add a layer of colored moisturizer to make the face clean, fresh and moist without makeup. This kind of colored moisturizer is not only beneficial to the skin, but also can enhance the efficiency of cosmetics, make the makeup lasting, uniform, fine and soft, and the color is not easy to change. Especially in summer, the use of lotion can make the skin appear natural sun color, which is conducive to the protection of the skin.

3. base powder: apply a small amount of foundation to your face, then use a cotton ball or sponge to wipe the foundation thoroughly and smear it all the way to the temples and hips to avoid any traces. Then use a little oily eye shadow cream to make the bottom. It can make the color of the eye shadow powder more pure. The cheekbones can also be covered with a few oil eye shadow ointment, and the fingertips should be smeared evenly on the zygomatic bone. If you want to cover the black circle on the upper part of the eyes or the facial defects, you can first apply the concealing cream, and sponge evenly. But it should be noted that do not apply to the present fine soft skin.

4. clean the eye shadow: brush the eye shadow with a brush to make the eye shadow of different colors more uniform. Then, darker the eye shadow on the inside of the eye, so as to line up the nose. This is a skill commonly used by our oriental faces.

5. draw the eyeliner: draw Eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelash line with black eyeliner, so that your eyes will be bright and bright, and add strength to your legs.

6. Brush eyelashes: use eyelashes roll to brush twice from the lower side of eyelashes until dry. When sweeping the eyelashes, you can first use the eyelashes to sweep once, and then use a clean eyelash brush to sweep.

7. Brain fat powder: it can make the whole face soft and natural, and also make the cheekbones prominent. And then use the same color in fat powder to sweep the temple, you can make the facial color appear thick and light harmony.

8. lip shape: first, put the foundation on the original lip line, then beat the powder, then draw the lip shape with lip. Add pearlescent lip gloss to the upper and lower lips to add luster.

After completing the above steps, the daily make-up is finished. The face after makeup should have no trace and appear elegant and generous.