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Top 10 most expensive personal jewelry inventory

The legendary love between the Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson and the Duke of Windsor has been handed down to this day. Wallis Simpson, an American socialite, has unparalleled luxury jewelry in the world during her 35 year marriage to the Duke of Windsor. Her collection of jewelry covers all the top brands, including Cartier and van Cleef Arpels, and holds a high position in the history of high-grade jewelry. In order to make the beloved woman "the most respectable lady in the world", the Duke of Windsor made a large number of top jewelry for her in Cartier. Whether or not she has ever been disputed as "the woman who lured Edward VIII to abdicate", Wallis Simpson's fashion avant-garde style has brought inestimable value to her gem. "Duchess of Windsor jewelry" immediately led wave after wave of bidding frenzy. Today's editor will share ten of the most expensive personal jewels of the Duchess of Windsor for newspaper friends.

Feather Brooch

Double sided gem Feather Brooch, one side inlaid with ruby, others inlaid with rectangular cut diamond. In 1936, Edward VIII gave the jewelry to Mrs. Simpson as a Christmas present

ruby necklace

A pair of pear shaped Topaz fancy cut earrings, weighing 40.81 and 52.13 carats. Customized by Harry Winston for the Duchess of Windsor in 1948.

The 18 carat gold cigarette case is engraved with the words "David from Wallis christmas1935". European maps are carved with tiny gems or diamonds as marks, which are exactly where the couple went together. From Cartier, London, 1935

Sapphire Pendant

Duchess this 206.82 carat Sapphire Pendant was created by Cartier in 1951.

Sapphire, sapphire and diamond earclip necklace jewelry set, from French designer Suzanne belperron. Each leaf is carved with Blue Chalcedony, and the veins are inlaid with ancient European cut diamonds.

Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, wears personal jewelry

The prince of Wales brooch was designed in 1935 for the prince of Wales as his future bride. The feather shaped diamond brooch was later sold to their good friend Elizabeth Taylor by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Cheetah Brooch

Diamond studded cheetah and 152.35 carat Round Cut Sapphire brooch

Designed by Cartier in 1957, the 20th anniversary heart-shaped brooch is inlaid with emerald letters W and E, and the Roman numeral XX is cut from ruby, echoing the crown decoration of the Duke royal family

Cheetah Bracelet

The leopard bracelet made of agate and diamond is a gift from King Edward VIII to the Duchess of Windsor. Edward VIII abdicated in 1936 because of this love affair.

Flamingo Brooch

Flamingos are vividly shaped. Their feathers are cut in long shapes and inlaid with emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Their mouth and eyes are inlaid with oval Topaz and sapphire, and their droperie necklaces are inlaid

Designed and manufactured by Cartier in 1947. Gold, platinum, brilliant long diamond, heart Amethyst, 27 emerald Amethyst and inlaid with round convex turquoise

Diamond pearl necklace

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