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From smoking pants to pilots' jackets

1. Suede skirt

Suede originally refers to the skin of a wild animal muntjac, because it is thicker than sheepskin, and the fiber tissue is compact, so it is listed as the top leather material for processing suede leather. Nowadays, sheepskin or deerskin are often used in the garment production line to replace suede.

The original wind and cold resistant suede skirt has been rewritten as a lightweight short skirt in the spring and summer 2015 fashion shows of Gucci, Chlo é, Derek Lam and other brands. It has been accompanied by tannin into the ranks of popular fabrics in spring and summer. The more common one is the marks Spencer suede skirt

2. Jogging pants

Jucy Couture has gone out of fashion with him and his velvet suit, while jogging pants are back in the gym.

3. Pilot jacket

If retro and boyfriends are both red, then the pilot jacket combining the two characteristics is also natural.

4. High round lapel

Taylor Swift's collocation makes this easy to show the basic style of small family become eye-catching, while C é line makes it appear advanced.

5. UL (UNIQLO ultra light down jacket)

While the fashion is not too strong, lightweight and warm UL has become UNIQLO's proudest winter piece, sold out regardless of gender.

6. Smoking pants

That is, open ankle trousers in smoking clothes. After Yves Saint Laurent designed smoking clothes in 1966, the era of gender inversion and neutrality in fashion began. And this neutral wind plus the retro style of the 1960s sounds like the combination of energy and red in 2015.

7. Metal pleated skirt

As long as the metal color upper body, even the school uniform can become fashionable. Alexa Chung, a Chinese English hybrid, loves this dress.

8. Small earrings

Big or one-sided earrings with exaggerated shapes have become popular in 2014. This year, small earrings with moistening and silence are popular.

9. Lefu shoes

This kind of office campus two suitable Lefu shoes, just like small white shoes, mixed in the fashion circle for half a century. However, in 2015, the acceptance of Lefu shoes reached its peak.

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