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Top 10 absurd "fashions" in the world

1. Australian female artist explains alternative fashion with pin "tattoo". Australian female artist Lucy McRae performed a human body pin art performance in a museum in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her face and body were covered with pins. The audience was deeply attracted and held their breath.

But don't worry, these pins are not really pinned on the human body, but glued on, without any harm to the body, in order to interpret the alternative fashion. The audience marveled at this wonderful artistic conception. 2. Perforated underwear to keep up with the trend of "masochism"

Have you ever seen perforated underwear? What kind of underwear do you think is the sexiest? In August 2010, perforated underwear was the latest way for extreme girls to express their sexuality in a self abusive way. In the body filled with rings, connected with ribbons, it is like a sexy lingerie. Perforated underwear tearing skin, but many bold girls in order to pursue the fashion of self abuse, try perforated underwear. 3. Berlin Fashion Week female model becomes bearded

In July 2010, at the Berlin Fashion Week, a designer named Moore introduced a new aesthetic concept, which turned all the beautiful female models into alien et like shapes, even with Zhang Fei's fluffy beard. Among the many fashion weeks in the world, Berlin Fashion Week is characterized by its emphasis on instant inspiration and randomness. When the fashion industry and modeling industry are full of luxury and neutral style, bearded female models like et appear. Although those who don't like this shape are speechless, the impressive effect is really achieved. This is where the trend of T-stage designers lies. 4. Young people in the United States use steel hooks to hang themselves up and swing

Some young people in the United States in 2005 popular a novel but also some terrible alternative game: with a steel hook through the skin to hang themselves up to swing, known as "God bless hanging".

——"It feels really good. It's fun. I'm spinning all the time. If it's not for the skin pain, I'll try again. " The 13-year-old boy from Connecticut, USA, said triumphantly after experiencing the "God bless hanging". 5. Japanese teenagers are popular in funny plastic surgery, and they look like aliens

Focusing on some nightclubs in Tokyo and Osaka, a self cosmetic method called "bagotou" was popular among Japanese teenagers in July 2009. They inject salt water directly into their forehead, face and arms to make those parts bulge. The bulge is like a bagel bread, so they are called "bagel head" tribe. In addition, with the different amount and method of saline injection, the appearance of the bulging "shell head" is not the same. Although this kind of funny "self plastic surgery" is popular among Japanese teenagers, it doesn't seem to be very popular outside Japan. 6. British artists make animal corpses into fashion accessories

In August 2010, British artist Reid used the corpses of various animals as raw materials to make various exquisite fashion accessories. Since her college days, she has been fascinated with making animal specimens and is keen on making animal corpses into necklaces, bow ties and other accessories. 7. British fashion jeans and diapers

Huggies, a famous baby diaper manufacturer, launched a new jeans diaper in the UK in June 2010 to satisfy a group of mothers with "fashion touch" and keep their babies fashionable when they go out. This kind of diaper is printed with the pattern of jeans pocket on the side and back surface, but it is actually a pair of paper diapers, not made of real denim. This kind of diaper was put on the market in Israel as early as 2007, and now it is sold in more than 20 countries in the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Russia and Mexico, which is highly praised. 8. Japanese popular nude Wedding: new guests naked

In 2010, "naked wedding" quietly became popular in Japan, with the bridegroom and bride naked without wedding dress. Before the wedding, newlyweds must state clearly the wedding dress on the invitation card, and call again if necessary. The wedding hall is specially prepared for guests to change and store clothes. In the "naked" wedding, a couple must appear naked. The guests can choose whether to wear it or not. The enthusiastic emcee usually doesn't wear it. The parents of both sides have a strong tradition, and they won't make such amazing moves. 9. Catch up with the trend and become a famous British girl

In July 2009, Olivia and Lana kiss each other in full view at the 15-year-old birthday party of their friend collera. But that doesn't mean they're gay. Turning around, they freely kiss the other boys again. They just thought, "it's fun to kiss a same-sex friend.".

In recent years, Madonna and Britney Spears have become the model of young girls in Britain and America. Girls think it means "rebellious", "cool" and "sexy", but they don't realize that fake homosexuality can harm their growth and self-esteem. 10. British designer brews whisky with urine

In September 2010, a British designer named James gilbin introduced a high-quality single malt whisky brewed from the urine of diabetics, which attracted people's attention. It is reported that gilbin himself is a type I diabetic.

He developed this "gilbin home brewed whisky" from donations from some elderly diabetics, including his grandmother. He purified the patients' urine rich in sugar with purified tap water (the sugar in traditional brewing method usually comes from the starch slurry in malt paste), then added the extracted sugar into malt paste to accelerate the fermentation process, and mixed a small amount of whisky into the fermented liquor to improve the color, taste and viscosity of the liquor.

Of course, these urine whiskies can't be put into production. It's more like a part of performance art.

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