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Top 10 slimming champions make you thinner and thinner

Now many people want to lose weight, but they clamour for weight loss every day. Finally, there are several people who are willing to work hard to lose weight. In the past, some people jokingly claimed that only when they are full can they lose weight. I think everyone is thinking about how to eat and not be fat. What to eat to lose weight and what to eat to lose weight is not the same meaning. The following small make-up to tell you what are the top ten slimming fruits and vegetables. You want to eat thinner? You can't let go of these foods.

1. Champion of thin leg -- watermelon

Citrullin contained in watermelon has the function of detoxification, which can promote the excretion of salt in the body and eliminate the edema of leg.

In addition, watermelon is rich in potassium, can also play a role in modifying the leg line.

2. Champion of breast enhancement -- papaya

Papaya is rich in papain, papain, chymotrypsin and more than 17 kinds of amino acids and a variety of nutritional elements. Fresh green papaya with a little bitter, astringent, pulp flavor is also relatively strong. It can help digest and lubricate skin, decompose body fat, stimulate female hormone secretion, stimulate ovarian secretion of estrogen and so on. It can promote breast development and is a good breast enhancement product.

3. Celery, the champion of thin face

Celery fiber content is quite high, therefore, women in eating celery, need to chew hard, so as to drive the movement of facial muscles.

A celery contains only 4-5 calories, but chewing it will consume 5-8 calories. In the process of celery entering the intestines and stomach, it needs to consume about 5 calories in the body.

In this way, women need more calories to digest celery than the celery itself can provide. Celery can be said to be a kind of "eat thinner" food.

4. Champion of thin belly -- tomato

If a woman's intestines accumulate too much waste, it is easy to form a small belly. Tomato is rich in food fiber, which can absorb the extra fat in the intestine, and excrete the fat and toxin from the body.

Women eat a tomato before meals, can play a role in inhibiting intestinal absorption of fat to a certain extent. If you persist for a long time, you will be far away from the trouble of small belly.

5. Wax gourd

Wax gourd is a good weight loss product. It has no fat, low sodium and diuresis, so it can promote the conversion of carbohydrates to fat and gradually turn the obese body into normal. Wax gourd peeled and sliced, boiled with appropriate amount of wine and water, filtered juice and boiled with 0.5 kg white honey. It is often used to coat the face to remove the black spots on the face and make the skin white as jade.

6. Thin thigh champion -- white radish

Just as the hump of a camel is to store food for the body, the thigh of a human being is also a "warehouse" for storing energy in case of emergency. Therefore, the thigh part of women is particularly easy to accumulate fat.

The pungent ingredient of white radish, mustard oil, can promote the metabolism of fat and avoid the accumulation of fat under the skin. This function is incomparable to any kind of vegetable and fruit. Women use this effect of white radish to deal with thigh fat is more appropriate.

7. Champion of defecation -- cucumber

Compared with other nutritious vegetables, cucumber contains less nutrients. Moreover, the propanedioic acid contained in cucumbers helps to inhibit the conversion of carbohydrates in various foods into fat in the body. Cucumbers are also rich in cellulose, which can strengthen gastrointestinal peristalsis, unobstructed defecation and have low caloric content.

Cucumber can not only lose weight, but also beauty. For those with rough facial skin, cut fresh cucumber into thin slices twice a day in the morning and evening, apply on the clean face, stay for 10-20 minutes to wash it off, which can make the facial skin tender and smooth.

8. Thin back champion grapefruit

Which girl would like to be portrayed as a "tiger's back and bear a bear's waist". However, it is much easier to "start" after knowing the reasons. The increase in back fat is mostly due to the absorption of excess sugar in the body, which is then converted into fat.

Grapefruit is not only very low in calories, but also contains a special enzyme, which can affect the absorption of sugar by the human body, so that sugar is no longer easily converted into fat. Therefore, women who want to lose back fat can choose grapefruit as a regular fruit.

9. Thin waist champion -- strawberry

If you want to lose your "life buoy" around your waist, you can eat some strawberries often. Strawberries contain a magical substance called aspartic acid.

This material can naturally and gently help women remove excess water from the waist, slowly dissolve the fat accumulated in the waist, help the body eliminate fat and toxin, and make you easily become "small waist essence".

10. Balsam pear: champion of fire control and detoxification

Momordica charantia contains substances similar to insulin, which has obvious hypoglycemic effect and is an ideal food for diabetic patients. Momordica charantia contains physiological active protein, which can improve human immune function and prevent cancer; it also contains Momordica charantia, which can stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, open appetite and increase appetite. According to traditional Chinese medicine, balsam pear is bitter and non-toxic. When it is born, it is cold in nature and clear in heat. When it is ripe, it is warm in nature, nourishing blood and nourishing liver. It has the functions of eliminating pathogenic heat, relieving tiredness, clearing heart and eyesight, relieving fatigue, detoxification, supplementing qi, strengthening yang and relieving summer heat. Balsam pear is commonly used to treat dysentery, impotence, eczema, influenza and other diseases.

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