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How to calculate the ovulation period

How to calculate the ovulation period? How to calculate the ovulation period of women has become one of the compulsory courses of sexual health. Ovulation period not only affects the pregnancy of sisters, but also affects the health of sex. Now let's have a look at the four seas net editor together. Let's take stock of the five calculation methods of ovulation period for women.

Method 1: Calculation of menstrual cycle

It is the easiest to calculate the ovulation period through one's own menstrual cycle. The formula is: the first day of ovulation = the shortest menstrual cycle days minus 18 days, and the last day of ovulation = the longest menstrual cycle days minus 11 days. The calculation method is based on the first day of this menstruation, and the days are calculated backward. For example, if a woman's previous menstrual cycle is 30 days at most and 28 days at least, the first day of ovulation = 28 days minus 18 days = 10 days, the last day of ovulation = 30 days minus 11 days = 19 days, that is to say, her ovulation period is the 10th day of this menstrual tide, and the last day is the 19th day of this menstrual tide.

Second: ovulation test paper

Now in addition to the early pregnancy test paper, the most commonly used women may be ovulation test paper. Because of its simple operation, it gives many women hope. The test paper will gradually show weak positive and strong positive characteristics. However, compared with the early pregnancy test paper, the ovulation test paper needs to be used in strict accordance with the instructions, and in order to calculate the results accurately, it is better to keep all the test papers in a cycle for color contrast to determine the exact time. In addition, it should be noted that this kind of test paper is different from the early pregnancy test paper, and morning urine cannot be used.

The third method: pain perception during ovulation

Some women will feel slight pain in one side of the lower abdomen on a certain day in the middle of two menstruations, but a period of time will pass, and there is no abnormal condition in physical examination, which is likely to be the pain during ovulation, mainly caused by the ovulation process, from which the date of ovulation can be accurately calculated.

Type 4: basic thermometry

The body temperature of healthy people will change slightly at different times. The body temperature of adult women will fluctuate with the menstrual cycle, especially on ovulation day. Therefore, the ovulation period can be calculated by measuring the basic body temperature. The specific method is: use a thermometer to measure your sublingual temperature just after waking up in the morning for several consecutive days, and then record it. Generally speaking, the temperature of women before ovulation fluctuates less, the basic body temperature on ovulation day will suddenly decrease, and the body temperature will rise again after ovulation day, until the temperature drops again when menstruation comes.

Fifth: Observation of cervical mucus

In order to create a better environment for the combination of sperm and egg, the secretion of women will also change. The main manifestation is the increase of cervical mucus, which is clear and transparent. The finger touch will find the phenomenon of pulling wire. Generally speaking, when this characteristic is most obvious, it is ovulation period.

Looking at the above calculation method of ovulation period, and knowing how to calculate ovulation period, you can arrange the birth or sexual life according to the date.