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Take stock of the private things that women can't tell their husbands

it's necessary to be frank when communicating with people. It's the same with couples. Honesty is the basis of building trust, but it's not something to tell them to keep a little privacy, so that they can be a little mysterious and closer to each other's feelings. What on earth should we not say when the question comes? Here is a summary of six points.

1. The number and price of clothes: the classic quote of girlfriend Q: 'a man works hard outside. In fact, making money is for this family. However, no man wants you to spend all the money he makes on you. So, you can spend my money, but you'd better not let me know. 'so, every time I go shopping, if I come back with a full load, my girlfriend Q will definitely bring my husband home in advance and stuff all my favorite things into the wardrobe. When does my husband find out:' eh, this dress is beautiful, when did I buy it? 'it has been checked without any evidence, so it's early.

2. My husband often says that if you cut my hair once, will it be enough for me to cut it for 10 years? Then, he will calculate it with his fingers. I know my husband is joking, because every time I do my hair, he still appreciates drips. Sometimes he reminds me whether it's time to make my hair. It looks crazy. However, as for the price of hairdressing, I am in favor of my sisters' opinions. It's not easy to confess with my husband. It's more invisible to spend money.

3. I can be fat or very fat in actual weight, and I can also be fat and lovely, just like "fat sister" in those days. But don't let me tell you how much I weigh. Girlfriend L is fat and beautiful, but every time we tease her how many pounds, she is very mad, especially not in front of her husband.

4. To give money to my mother's private house, I'm super magnanimous enough to be filial to my parents. What I'm asking for is a bowl of water. People's parents pull up their children with the same shit and urine. Filial piety is a must. But at the same time, I can understand those daughters who give their parents money for private houses. After all, my daughter's mind is more delicate. She cares more about her parents, brothers and sisters. It's normal that she sometimes cares about her family. I don't think I'm fair enough to her parents. In fact, most husbands know that their wives stick to their parents' houses, but it's better not to say. If the wife can take care of mother-in-law's happiness at the same time, the husband will be happy naturally.

5. Smoking, drinking girlfriend D is a smoker, girlfriend q is also intermittent smoker, but it is in the absence of her husband. I didn't mean to criticize smokers, especially female smokers, for their personal hobbies. My husband also smokes. After I was pregnant, the amount of cigarettes decreased. But smoking is really harmful to health, especially to the health of the next generation. It's better not to smoke for unmarried and unborn women.

6. Fighting with my mother-in-law's girlfriend Z is a famous faction here, with a lot of personality. Several basin friends will ask her for solutions when they encounter family problems. Her classic way of dealing with her mother-in-law relationship is to fight with her mother-in-law in the absence of her husband.