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Sun Li Model Star bride makeup how to draw lovely makeup?

Sun Li's model star bride make-up, how to draw cute make-up? Sun Li, who has been promoted to her mother, has successfully given birth to a son recently. Everyone congratulates Deng Chao Sun Li one after another. Sun Li's bride make-up can be described as fresh and natural when she gets married. Let's have a look at Sun Li's lovely make-up!

Abandoning the luxuriance and heavy make-up, the cleanest color expresses the truest Sun Li, and the slightly red cheek highlights the playfulness and loveliness like an elf.

Pink eye shadow dizzy dyed the eyeliner to become more soft, plus the dainty lips of the delicate and charming drops, so that Sun Li sends out the sexy feminine charm, the charm index 100% oh.

The fluffy curly hair shows a full radian full of vitality, which makes the eyes particularly charming. The white and flawless skin leaves a pure impression, creating a gentle and charming little woman feeling.

Thick bangs with high straight hair and long ponytail highlight Sun Li's white and transparent skin, which looks like apple muscle. With her fresh and sweet temperament, Sun Li is very popular.

A short hat with a cool hat and a small hat, showing Sun Li's handsome and handsome profile. Black eyeliner is just perfect, showing clear and clean eyes, handsome and sexy, giving out the most charming temperament.

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