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How to make up for long hair

In recent years, Korean bridal makeup is becoming popular, and the fresh and simple style of Korean long hair bridal makeup has become a favorite choice for many brides. Together with, you can enjoy the changeable shape of Korean mid long hair bridal makeup.

The waves show the beauty and sweetness like a princess, and then match with the wide white hair band and white flowers. The overall hairstyle is inclined to buckle, which is gorgeous and dignified. Highlight the modification of the nose, the eye shadow collocation with bright pink lip makeup, more gorgeous temperament!

Just like this, the shoulder length hair creates a slight fluffy feeling, which can not only modify the contour of the perfect face, but also show the amount and texture of the hair. With exquisite hair band, the perfect interpretation of the essence of Korean fashion. Clear eyebrows, light eye makeup, especially bright red lip makeup, highlight the bride's happiness!

Medium length BOB head is fashionable enough, but as a bride's hair, it seems a little dull. With hair collocation on the side of the hair, it is cool and lovely and has personality. Don't forget to wear hair accessories on the other side to balance the whole effect.

The straight hair is used to make the inner button. The round radian is very effective in modifying the face shape. The simple and fluffy headdress is worn on one side. The overall style is unified and harmonious, full of traditional beauty. The eye color of the earth and eye shadow, the bright pink lip makeup show more fresh temperament.