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How to create pure and charming bridal makeup for brides in autumn?

What is the most popular fashion hairstyle for autumn brides? Xiaobian has prepared several charming and pure Bridal Hairstyles for autumn brides. Lovely accessories such as lace hairband, feather white gauze flowers, feather mask, diamond bow forehead ornaments are adorned on the bridal bun, which is absolutely dazzling with the same style of wedding dress and wedding makeup. Brides to be enjoy it!

Pure bangs, simple curly hair, gauze flower and white gauze, lovely youth

Lace embroidered hair band embellishes the front of the forehead, pear blossom in the middle and light pink silk flower on the side of the hair, which is sexy and fashionable

White feather yarn, flower and lace hair band match on the bride's hair, elegant and romantic

White feather mask hair accessories with long white yarn embellishment in the bride's simple hair, charming and moving

Diamond bow crystal pendant adorns the bride's fluffy hair, which is romantic and dreamy