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"Toy" won the championship by Israeli singer in the European Championship

'is it fair for Israel to win the Champions League? "In recent years, the European TV singing competition (Eurosong competition) has been a hot topic. On the evening of 12th, Nita & middot; bazley, an Israeli female singer who was once criticized as" music horror ", won the championship in the final. The singer's practice of "fighting for scenes, politics and stories behind the scenes" has also aroused more and more controversy.

'I'm not your toy, you stupid boy'

This year's final was held at the Altis arena in Lisbon, Portugal's largest entertainment venue. About 200 million people around the world watched the game, and about 30000 people went to Lisbon to watch the game. The occupancy rate of local hotels on weekends was as high as 95%.

On the final stage, 25-year-old bazley, a former singer of the Israel Navy Orchestra, dressed in colorful kimonos, accompanied by tongue beating, giggling and imitating chicken dance movements, performed a song "toys" to defend women's rights and interests, which was regarded as a strange pop song by NPR.

The lyrics of "toys" are "I'm not your toy, you stupid boy" are obviously inspired by the global anti sexual harassment movement "me too".

The champion was criticized for "performing more than singing"

"Thank you for accepting our differences, thank you for praising diversity," Bardsley said after winning the title. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called to congratulate him, calling him "Israel's best ambassador.".

Before the final, "toys" had attracted more than 20 million viewers on youtube, the largest number of singers in the competition. This is the fourth time that Israeli singers have won the championship since the European Championship was held in 1956. The last time was in 1998.

Bardsley's victory has made headlines in Israel's major media, and many media have reviewed the growth path of the newcomers: they began to participate in Israel's domestic talent show in 2017 and won the audition step by step.

However, Bardsley's practice of focusing on performance rather than singing has also attracted a lot of criticism. Last year's European Championship winner, Portuguese male singer Sobral once said that "toys" is "terrible music". He thought that singing competition should focus on music, not "scenes".