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Top ten classic campus folk music list do you remember these classics

1. Luo Dayou - Childhood

This should be a song that primary school students should listen to most, but it seems that not only primary school students are listening, middle school students are listening, college students are also listening, and older people are probably listening too. In short, as long as people have childhood, they probably have reasons to listen to it. Childhood is a person's most innocent and beautiful memory. At that time, it felt that folding the plane, catching crickets and playing with top were the most interesting things. At that time, it was very interesting I don't even have a cassette. I hear all the songs from the radio, and I can't eat snacks like the words in the lyrics. I'm very happy and satisfied as long as I can play with my friends after class. I never think that people will grow up, but I can't go back unconsciously.

2. Old wolf

This is a middle school student's song, because we didn't have that kind of ignorant emotion when we were in primary school, and we didn't have a fixed deskmate when we went to university. Teachers always like to have men and women at the same table, probably because when we were young, we always didn't like to chat with the opposite sex, so that we could better maintain classroom discipline. However, people are a complex emotional animal. After many years, most of the deskmates we can recall are of the opposite sex. Maybe in our eyes, deskmate is more or less an ambiguous name!

3. Old wolf - Brothers sleeping in my upper bunk

This should be a song of high school students or college students, because several people started boarding life after they went to high school or university. For those who have gone to school, brothers are not only the name of the quack club. The upper and lower bunks are a kind of relationship between the same sex and the same table. Generally speaking, the best relationship between the same class may be the same table, so the best relationship with the dormitory should be the upper and lower bunks It's too late.

4. Gao Xiaosong - model love letter

In the age of underdeveloped communication, when people's thinking and behavior are not very open, love letters are the best way to express men's and women's emotions. Love letters have been reserved and the theme is the best. Even in Shunji Iwai's movies, the love letter of the hero is actually a pencil sketch of the heroine. Now the age of love letters flooding has passed, but in this era of popular advertising, it will be refreshing to feel the model love letters of that year!

5. Love of water and wood

It is said that Lu gengxu, who was still studying in Tsinghua University in 2000, wrote a song "butterfly flower". After a period of time, this song almost became the school song of Tsinghua University. Later, Shuimu Nianhua was founded. It can be said that they regarded it as the best interpretation of youth, and this song is more like a young man's persistent oath and sad love letter.

6. Ye Bei, the old wolf

This song is more like a song of youth, old wolf and ye Bei painstakingly sing to each other, let us feel the sadness in the lyrics. At the beginning, we sing, at the end, we walk.

7. Shen Qing - Youth

Among the campus folk singers, Shen Qing is a gifted singer who writes and sings songs by himself. The songs named after youth are as numerous as ox hair, cruel or lingering. None of them is as bitter and profound as this one. They express the helplessness and confusion of youth.

8. Wang Jing, an old wolf

Most of the campus ballads not only write about love, but also focus on describing the beauty of time, or simply integrate love into time, or compare lovers to time. This song is typical. This is also a representative work of Xiao Ke.

9. Xiao Ke - Winter Campus

In addition to Gao Xiaosong and Xiao Ke, the most unforgettable people in campus folk songs, so no matter who the original song is, I still want to write Xiao Ke's name, just like Gao Xiaosong before model love letter. It reminds me of those winter and summer vacations when my classmates left school one after another and I idled around on campus alone.

10. Yinxia - the bell of Campus

Chinese campus songs began in Taiwan and flourished in the mainland. However, self-study will find that Taiwan's campus songs are different from the sentimental campus ballads in the mainland, and most of them do not focus on describing love, such as "country road", "Grandma's Penghu Bay", "olive tree", "orchid grass", and so on. In other words, writing love is also like "late" and so on, with an optimistic sunny attitude.

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