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How many of the world's top 10 richest post-90s stars do you know?

With the rapid development of society, everyone wants to make more money. We all know that money is easy to spend, but hard to earn. But for some people, young people even earn a bucket after barrel, which makes people envy and sigh at the same time. Today, let's take a look at the top 10 richest post-90s stars in the world?

Top 1. Justin Bieber, Jr

Although for a while, Justin, who had been blackened by the whole world for a while, was still very rich. Xiaojia has made about 200 million dollars.

Top 2. Miley & middot; Cyrus

Miley & middot; Cyrus, who is popular in Disney's Hannah Montana, is a very successful and confident actress and singer who has accumulated nearly $160 million.

Top 3. Taylor Lautner

Stop calling him the "Twilight" werewolf, Taylor & middot; Lottner, not only a young man's idol, but also a 40 million dollar man.

Top 4. Nick Jonas

He was once a member of the famous band Nick & middot; Jonas Brothers. His career as a music star made him an idol for teenagers and young girls all over the world, and made him nearly 20 million dollars.

Top 5. Emma Watson

Emma Watson is a favorite actress in Harry Potter. She has grown into a graceful woman and become a world-famous superstar. This has also made her a fortune of about 18 million dollars.

Top 6. Angus Turner Jones

The 22-year-old American actor became famous for playing Jack in two and a half men, and Jack Harper earned him about 15 million euros.

Top 7. Selena Gomez

Jia's ex girlfriend, Selena Gomez, has amassed nearly $18 million and has made brilliant achievements in the field of singers and actors.

Top 8. Willow Jaden Smith

Both Will Smith's sons and daughters have accumulated $8 million each, bringing them together to $16 million. RMB should be close to 100 million.

Top 9. Dakota Fanning

The Fanny sisters have really made a lot of fans' hearts and money. Dakota Fanning, a child star, has accumulated more than 4 million euros.

Top 10. Elle fanning

Dakota & fanning's sister Ellie & middot; fanning started her acting career at a mere 13 years old, and has made 1.5 million euros in just 18 months.