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The top ten stars who have twins in entertainment circle envy others!

Twins may often be seen in our daily life. There are many stars with twin children in the entertainment industry. Some of them are naturally pregnant, while others are relying on high technology. Today, we will take a look at the top ten domestic stars who have received twins.

By default, Yang Wei, whose wife Yang Yun is pregnant with a second child, has exposed several B-ultrasound photos of the second child, declaring that the baby is twins, and one looks like father and the other looks like mother. Yang Wei also tweeted to the children, "welcome to our young family's babies, let's cheer together, parents and brothers love you.". After hearing the news, netizens congratulated Yang Wei on becoming a winner in life.

Hao Lei: on the afternoon of August 9, 2013, the famous actress Hao Lei announced on her microblog that she had given birth to twins. She exposed the footprints of the brothers and said, "welcome to this world. The brothers left their first footprints in their life journey side by side.". Thank you for your blessing. '

Shao Bing: a kayak athlete, Shao Bing has created a large number of tough guy images on the screen. Shao Bing, a film and television actor who is deeply loved by the audience, marries Zhang Pei, the same actor, and gives birth to a couple of twins. It is learned that their relationship is not smooth. There is a separation and integration between them, and it is not until nine years later that he achieves the right result. After marriage, Zhang Pei temporarily gives up his acting career and teaches his husband and son at home 。

Liang Jiahui: Liang Jiahui and Jiang jianian got married in 1987 and gave birth to a pair of twin daughters. However, Liang Jiahui seldom let his daughter show up and kept a low profile. Since their marriage, their relationship has been very good.

Jiang Feng: Jiang Feng, the most educated female host and the youngest producer of CCTV, is the champion of the first Singapore junior college debate contest, the host of Zhengda variety show and the host and producer of cultural perspective. She and her British husband married on October 2, 2004, and were born on February 7, 2007.

Lizi: in September 2010, Hong Kong artist Lizi finally became a mother after she married Ma Tingqiang, a disabled tycoon. In July 2010, Lizi gave birth to a pair of twin girls by caesarean section in Canossa hospital, Hong Kong. On October 8, 2012, Lizi gave birth to another woman by caesarean section in the peak Canossa hospital.

Nursery: in September of 2013, the nursery left a text on the micro blog of suspected pregnancy. It not only showed a picture of a child holding an adult's finger, but also wrote down the words "baby come on, mother come on", which made the outside world think about it. In March 2014, an informed source learned that the nursery had already given birth to a male and a female twins in the United States.

Song Xiaobao: Zhao Benshan's disciple who became popular with his sketch "blind date", song Xiaobao, known as "living treasure", got a pair of twins after marriage. Since then, however, he has not made any response to this. Until recently, he recorded Liaoning satellite TV's "the most glorious labor" program, he first talked about his feelings as a father. He said that the names of the two children would be determined by his master Zhao Benshan. He even joked that "giving birth to a dragon and phoenix is a master's biography.".

Wang Yuwen: Taiwan actress Wang Yuwen got married in April 2005. She is not well-known in mainland China. However, at the end of 2007, the news that she suffered hip bone injury due to her small baby and twin sons made her become a news figure for a while. It is said that she was completely recovered after two months' treatment in the hospital, which may be due to the great happiness and happiness brought by the birth of children, She even said that she would continue to live and not be afraid to get hurt again.

Tang Zhenye: as one of the "five tiger generals", Tang Zhenye has basically faded out of the performing arts career and no longer attracts more people's attention. However, his rare "unique skills" in family management are talked about with relish. For him, it is an achievement that ordinary people can't achieve even with their efforts. In May 2008, Tang Zhenye married Zou Wenjing, a 25-year-old Qingdao girl. On September 17 of the same year, Wenjing gave birth to her twin daughter by caesarean section in a hospital in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Before that, he married Jiang Kun, the former wife of a Japanese actress, in 1993 and gave birth to twins in 1995.