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Can we not be so helpful when the British fox sneaks into the henhouse to lay eggs for the hen?

During a lunch break at Feiniu primary school in Portsmouth, England, when several students in charge of collecting eggs came to the chicken house in the school, they saw a strange scene: a fox sat comfortably on several eggs without any intention of leaving.

While the hens' territory is occupied by this "uninvited guest" and they can't go back to the nest to continue to hatch their eggs, they seem to be indifferent to this matter and stroll around leisurely. Later, the staff carried the fox away and found that the eggs inside were intact.

Perhaps Mr. Fox, who mistakenly treated himself as a hen, was just tired and wanted to find a comfortable place to rest. Maybe, it is quietly having a dream of enjoying omelette while drinking tea.

Although it's a heartwarming episode related to small animals for children, RSPCA reminds us not to forget that foxes are still carnivores and should be treated with caution.