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A parrot has been shut up in a garage in England for three years, suffering from depression and pluc

There is an African Grey parrot named 'Roy' in the UK, who is often in front of his new partner to recite the name of his deceased ex-wife and is locked in the garage for three years in a rage. In the meantime, it used its mouth to pluck out almost all its feathers. Elaine & Middleton; Henry, the only parrot psychologist in the UK, diagnosed Roy with depression and is treating him secretly.

Keep calling the name of the late hostess

A man who has found a new partner

The 26 year old parrot Roy has been locked in a dog cage in the garage for the past three years. The host only gives him a small amount of water and food every day. Roy suffered from severe depression because of the bad environment for a long time. He kept pulling out his gray feathers.

Roy, who has been in prison for three years, finally has a chance to be treated, thanks to the efforts of the British animal charity save the parrots. Volunteers from save the parrots found Elaine & Middleton; Henry, the only psychiatrist in the UK who specializes in parrots.

Elaine, who has worked on parrot psychotherapy in the United States and Australia for more than ten years, immediately began to give Roy careful treatment. 'it's the most psychologically problematic parrot I've ever seen. I think it's because of the psychological trauma caused by the fear of being imprisoned for a long time. The tragic experience of the past three years is something it has never experienced. '

At present, Roy is taking the drug 'Prozac' to treat depression.

Didn't mean to annoy the new owner

According to Elaine, a longtime clinical animal behavior researcher, Roy relies heavily on his ex-wife Sarah, who used to call her by name. So even if Sarah died, she still kept the habit, not intentionally & lsquo; spoiling & rsquo; in front of her host's new partner.

After three years in captivity, the cruel man decided to move, this time he decided to throw away the haggard Roy. Before moving, the owner called the charity "save the parrot" and said "you need to come and help the parrot, I'm going first.". Then he left Roy and left.

At present, Roy's situation has improved, and he has been able to learn from Elaine's Scottish voice.

But its former owner didn't say anything. British media do not have more details about the man's owner.

Elaine has treated parrots for various mental disorders, such as abusing, yelling or self mutilating their owners. Roy's plucking of feathers is self mutilation.

Elaine said: 'parrots are very similar to humans and have a variety of psychological needs. When they behave strangely, it's best to get along well with them and arrange a reasonable diet. '

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Pets can also suffer from mental illness

It's expensive to see a psychiatrist once

Psychological problems are not unique to human beings. Pet doctors found that the symptoms of animals suffering from psychological diseases were manic, depressed, wilting, and even self mutilated due to depression. If these conditions can not be found and treated in time, the immunity of pets will decline, they are easy to get sick, and they will attack people when they are serious, posing a threat to people's safety.

People with psychological trauma can find a psychiatrist, so can pets. Pet psychotherapist, a special profession, has been rising in foreign countries for a long time. Pet psychotherapy is expensive, even two to three times more expensive than treating ordinary diseases. Like the famous animal psychologist in the United States, sizer & middot; Milan, known as the best dog psychologist in the world. His fee is very high, a 'course' of time is generally 2 weeks to 2 months, the daily fee is $45 to $65. If the dog's condition is not serious, sizer can also go to the dog's home for diagnosis at a charge of $275.