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Rare! The fierce battle between leopard and crocodile in real life

A 127 kg leopard in Brazil has successfully attacked a caiman bathing in the sun on the beach. The cunning leopard first lurks behind a hyacinth, then carefully enters the narrow passage and swims directly to the crocodile.

Crocodiles attack other land animals very often in Africa.

Leopard moves cautiously

Latent in water

Reach the target


Pounce on the crocodile

Leopards prefer to live in dense tropical rainforests, but they are also widely distributed in mountains, plains and other different places.

They live in watery places, and like tigers, they are swimming cats.

Bite the crocodile on the head

Gnawing crocodile neck

The crocodile got up and ran

The leopard chases the water, and in the end, the crocodile is defeated.