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Real shot of the whole process of shark childbirth in the sea

Lemon sharks are generally between 8 and 10 feet long, with the largest recorded being more than 12 feet long. Lemon shark body is yellow brown, to the abdomen is yellow, because of the color of lemon named, is a medium-sized shark.

The gestation period of lemon shark is 8-9 months. During the gestation period, lemon shark should make sure that the pups are well conceived during the growth period, because the pups should be able to survive in the harsh sea immediately after birth.

The little shark just came out of her mother's stomach and felt very strange about everything in the world.

Mothers and cubs of sharks just after childbirth

Baby shark is more happy, because no one dares to bully it. It has a protector who will guard it sooner or later. Mother's back can also be used as a boat to carry the little shark.