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Fox with rare albinism: a god beast on earth

Albinism is a recessive genetic disease of somatic chromosome. Patients can't produce melanin, which leads to total or partial albinism of skin and hair. The probability of occurrence in animals is much higher than that in humans, such as white snake, white monkey, white squirrel and white dolphin. The bereaved daughter is going to introduce "albino Fox". Although there is a breed of arctic fox with natural white hair, it is still different from albino fox

Generally, foxes look like this. The reddish brown hair gives people a kind of naughty and lively appearance

The fox with albinism

There is an awe inspiring temperament

In fact, the fox with albinism does not necessarily have red eyes, and the organic rate is blue or gray... I don't think the feeling of blue eyes and white hair is very dreamy! It has a very spiritual breath ~

Of course, when an albino fox was a child, he was just as cute as a child. He wanted to sleep next to him;

It's just that Xiaobian feels more familiar with the albino fox as he looks down

Eh? Isn't that the prototype of cat teacher in "summer eyes friends account" - Lord ban!!

Sharp eyes, soft white hair, Wuwu is really the beast level ~ ~ super handsome!!

However, the cat teacher is usually a fat, round and strange creature who wants cat but not cat

Contrast cute!