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The crocodile attacked the lion cub and was torn to pieces by the lions

People who know about lions will know that lions are a typical social type. In the society of lions, female lions are responsible for not only raising young lions, but also hunting and providing male lions with food. The cub usually follows the lioness, learning survival skills on the one hand and taking care of the lioness on the other. However, there is a crocodile with short eyes who wants to attack the little lion behind while the lioness is busy, but the lioness is found and ends up in a miserable situation

The bold crocodile stealthily lurks behind the lions while the lioness is hunting other animals, trying to attack the unsuspecting lion cubs. Unfortunately, the crocodile's action was detected by a lioness.

When the lioness finds out that the crocodile wants to hurt her child, her maternal instinct immediately makes her attack and confront the crocodile.

The fierce conflict attracted other lions to come forward to help subdue the crocodile.

Although the crocodile did not want to be outdone and launched a fierce attack, he has angered three mothers.

The lionesses attack back and forth, trying to teach the villain who wants to hurt the little lion.

Crocodile is obviously not easy to provoke the role, head-on bite a lioness's head. This triggered the anger of the other two lions, who took the opportunity to launch a more fierce attack.

Finally, the crocodile lost the fierce lion mother, and the crocodile who failed to attack the little lion was killed by the lion.

Crocodile probably did not expect to have such a tragic end, but become a little lion (middle) food.

Lion mothers said: no one can hurt my children!!

This story tells us that moms are not easy to provoke. Maternal love is great. In order to protect their children, moms can turn into the most powerful warriors. Even if they are injured or even sacrifice their lives, it doesn't matter. Moms always take their children more seriously than themselves. It doesn't matter how they are, as long as they are good.