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The most tenacious living creatures on the earth can survive - 273 ℃ vacuum radiation

With the release of the New Star Wars movie, water bear and Jabba are discussed by netizens again. Recently, a reference picture of Jia Ba's role has been circulated on the Internet. The creature in the picture moves in the water, with its mouth stretching and shrinking. It really scares many people. This mystery creature has also been warmly discussed by netizens.

This creature under discussion is actually called tardigrades (commonly known as water bear), which is called 'the most powerful survivor of nature', which is more powerful than cockroaches. This tiny, multi segmented creature, though seemingly insignificant, has a strong survivability. It can survive in ice at minus 273 degrees Celsius, in an environment without water, in outer space, and even in the baptism of radiation.

According to the research report, water bear is the only animal that can survive in the double test of vacuum and solar radiation, and there is almost no way to destroy it. The size of the water bear is usually not more than 1 mm. It is an invertebrate Tardigrade. Because it has six feet and is similar to a bear, it usually exists in humid environment, so it is called water bear.

In May 2012, the United States launched endeavor to deliver experimental equipment to the international space station. In addition to the astronauts, another fellow traveler is the water bear. Besides delivering materials, the more important point of this mission is to send it to outer space, so that scientists can study why it can survive in such a harsh environment, so as to help future human beings overcome this difficulty 。 Many people think that the water bear is actually very attractive.