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The two giants on the golf course in the United States staged the most fierce fight in history, whic

According to the daily mail of December 2, two giant crocodiles have staged the biggest fight in history on a golf course in Florida.

It is reported that when the two giant crocodiles bask in the sun at the golf course by the lake,

I don't know why. They bite each other, roll and tear on the court. The scene is quite fierce, which can be called epic wrestling competition.

Among them, the larger 'giant' crocodile has the upper hand in the battle. It is vigorous, quick, accurate and ruthless.

The smaller one is not inferior. It tries its best to fight to the death, which surprised the staff of the golf course.

Ten minutes later, under the strong stop of the staff, the two 'War gods' were willing to give up.

The giant wins with a swaggering tail, while the defeated climbs back to the lake.