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The giant jellyfish is 1.5 meters long and weighs 64 Jin off the coast of Britain

Thousands of giant bucket jellyfish have gathered near the most popular coast in Britain. Along the coast of Dorset, a group of monsters, giant bucket jellyfish, with a length of five feet (1.52 meters) and a weight of 32 kg, were found. The unprecedented invasion of giant bucket jellyfish may be due to the reduction of natural enemies in their infancy due to overfishing. (link: (from all over the world)

Although the stings of giant bucket jellyfish do not pose a threat to human life, they can also cause thorny problems such as skin rash. Steve trewhella, an environmentalist, found the jellyfish. Last year, he saw two giant bucket jellyfish, but this time he was shocked to find that the sea area a mile from the coast was full of creatures the size of garbage cans. There were at least 100 of them.

The bucket jellyfish was first found in the Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean. It is the largest species in Britain. It stings people but does not pose a threat to human life. It only eats plankton. Experts told us that although their toxicity does not cause any serious harm, they still try not to touch them when swimming. (link: (from all over the world)

However, when I entered the sea, I found myself surrounded by more than 100 jellyfish, and I could only follow a small number of jellyfish. Because after one batch of 100 jellyfish has passed, there will be another batch of 100 jellyfish. I can't guess how many jellyfish there are, but I can only say that there are at least thousands of jellyfish. We really don't know why there are so many jellyfish.

Steve, 51, has been photographing underwater for more than 30 years, but he has never seen so many bucket jellyfish. Finn has never seen such jellyfish before, so I always hope we can find some when we dive, said the diver from Dorset. But we never thought about what we would do when the number of bucket jellyfish exceeded our expectations. (link: (from all over the world)

Bucket jellyfish is one of the largest species in southwest England. It is not rare in England. On the contrary, they are often washed to the beach. But it's not easy to see more than one bucket of jellyfish in the sea at a time. Steve said: my wife Julie and I saw a bucket jellyfish, but that jellyfish disappeared before I went into the sea. We were very disappointed.

These giant bucket jellyfish are a very magical and magnificent animal. We see jellyfish swimming past us one after another. The last time there were more jellyfish was in the 1980s, but it was totally different from today. Now they are everywhere, I have never seen such a scene. (link: (from all over the world)