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How can a mouse grow a pig's nose? A new mouse species in Indonesia

How can a mouse grow a pig's nose? Although Xiaobian, who has collected the world's anecdotes, heard the news, it was not a deformed mouse as Xiaobian thought, but a new species. This species was found in the remote mountain area of Sulawesi island in Indonesia, and named it 'pig nosed mouse' because of its resemblance to pigs.

The animal's scientific name is hyorhinomys stuenmpkei. Its pink nose is big and flat, and its nostrils turn up like a pig's nose, the Victoria Museum of Australia said in a statement on the 6th. It has big ears and small mouth, and its front teeth are long and white. From the picture, it is about the size of an ordinary mouse. 'I'm still surprised,' said Kevin Rowe, a scientist at the Victoria Museum. 'we walked into a forest and found a new mammal species, hellip; & hellip;' according to the statement, 'pig nosed mice' are carnivores, probably feeding on the larvae of earthworms and beetles.