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Ugly duckling drinking water on the bank actually kisses carp

According to the daily mail of July 23, a hairy little wild duck "kisses" with a golden Koi, which happens to poke its head out of the water, while drinking water on the shore in salbrucken Park, Saar, Germany. The scene is warm and romantic. Tourists took out their cameras to record the beautiful moment of friendship.

On that day, the breeze was warm and the sun was bright. Mother wild duck took 11 baby ducks to play in the park. Brown ducklings in groups, or foraging, or walking, or swimming, very leisurely. One of the thirsty ducklings stood on the bank, bent down and stretched his neck to drink. At this time, a carp happened to swim and had an interesting and romantic 'Water Kiss' with the duckling. The scene was very beautiful against the ripples on the lake.

It is understood that wild ducks are timid and like to be quiet and adaptable. They are good at swimming and playing in the water, but seldom dive. They like to form groups and live in groups. They can make long-distance migration flights, with a maximum speed of 110 km / h. Its staple food includes aquatic plant buds, stems, leaves, seeds, grains and algae, as well as insects and mollusks.

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