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American media drying 20 cm long red headed centipede frightens netizens

According to UPI on July 4, a photo of a giant red headed centipede has attracted great attention in Aust, Texas, during the "frighten the Internet" theme activity recently, which scared netizens to sweat.

It is reported that this red headed centipede belongs to the species of giant centipede in North America. It has long lived in the southern border of Mexico and in the south central and southwestern states of the United States. It is distributed in Arkansas and Missouri in the East and Arizona and New Mexico in the West. The red headed centipede has 21 to 23 pairs of legs, is generally 6.5 inches long, but can stretch to 8 inches. When alert, the head and body color will appear red, black different collocation. The red headed centipede feeds on lizards and toads, and sometimes rodents and snakes.

The teeth of the red headed centipede are actually modified legs, and both teeth and legs can penetrate human skin to release venom. The bitten skin will experience temporary pain, swelling, nausea and headache occasionally, but gangrene and cardiac arrest are rare.