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How wonderful! Lazy crow hitchhikes on the back of vultures

According to the daily mail of June 30, a photographer has captured a group of cute photos of lazy crows hitchhiking on the back of flying vultures.

It is reported that the photographer is an amateur photographer named phoo Chan, who is 50 years old. Here, a crow is hitchhiking on the back of a flying vulture. Chen Fu said that at first he just wanted to take pictures of vultures flying in the sky, but suddenly a crow came from behind the vultures.

He thought that the crow just wanted to drive away the vultures, but it seemed that the crow found the opportunity to rest and jumped onto the back of the vulture and hitchhiked. What's more, the vulture didn't react at all, and continued to fly as if nothing had happened.

But the scene lasted only a few seconds, and then the two birds parted ways and flew in their respective directions.