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Sichuan father and son spend three and a half hours to catch a hundred catties of shad, which is 1.6

In the early morning of yesterday, in Sancha lake, Liu Yuejun, Liu Chen and his son from Huayang fought fiercely with the big fish in the water for three and a half hours, and finally got it ashore. The big fish is 1.63 meters long and weighs 98.4 Jin. According to senior fishermen, from the appearance, this fish should be a mullet, not a Sichuan original ecological fish species, but a fierce fish that mainly feeds on small fish.

At about 9 pm the day before yesterday, Liu Yuejun and Liu Chen, two father and son fishing in Sancha Lake in Jianyang, met a big guy in the water. 'shua, Shua, Shua & hellip; & hellip; 'the fishing line was pulled out, and Liu Chen quickly locked the release ring. In two or three minutes, about two thirds of the 300 meter fishing line was pulled away by the big fish.

"It must be a big fish!" Liu Chen said. Catfish with a weight of 40 kg can pull 50 meters of fishing line at most. When the release ring is locked, it can pull about 200 meters of fishing line. This kind of momentum scares the father and son of the "experienced fishing ground".

After a few minutes, the fish's physical strength was exhausted. Liu Chen began to take in the line, and finally pulled several tens of meters back. The fish again exerted force, and the line was pulled away. After more than an hour of sawing, Liu Chen's hands are stiff, big fish still did not give up resistance, Liu Yuejun instead of his son continue to compete with fish.

'every now and then a boat passes by, worrying that it will break the fishing line. "So one of them continued to fight with the big fish, while the other flashed a flashlight to remind the fishing boat in motion.

At 0:30 a.m. yesterday, after three and a half hours of sawing, the exhausted big fish basically gave up the resistance. Liu Chen found a fishing net to cover the fish head, and his father took the fish ashore.

The big fish in front of Liu's father and son's eyes widened - too big. Two people can't move at all. So they just put the fish on the ground and rolled up the bank. Liu Chen is in charge of fish head and Liu Yuejun is in charge of fish tail. "I really didn't expect that the fish was very tenacious, and suddenly shook its tail. It hit me in the waist. It was very painful!" Liu Yuejun pointed to his waist and said.

Yesterday afternoon, witnessed by reporters from Chengdu Business Daily, Liu's father and son measured the height and weight of the fish: it was 1.63 meters long and weighed 98.4 kilograms.

What kind of fish is this big guy? Neither 53 year old Liu Yuejun nor 29 year old Liu Chen have seen them. They have nearly 10 years of fishing experience, and the local people in Sancha lake have never seen it. "It's a mullet!" said a fishing friend. The reporter inquired on the Internet and found that the shape of this fish is indeed very similar to that of the mullet, which should be the same species. Later, a number of senior fishermen also said that this fish is indeed a mullet. It is understood that the shad are not the original ecological fish species in Sichuan, but a fierce fish that mainly feeds on small fish. The largest individual is 2 meters long and weighs 60 kg. 'it's very rare to catch such a big fish in Sichuan fishing circles. "Senior fishermen said.