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British photographer records the whole process of black dog driving sheep down a cliff

At 3 p.m. on June 20, a thrilling scene was staged in the seven sisters National Park in seyford, East Sussex, England, which attracted people to watch: a black dog chased two sheep madly, eventually causing a sheep to fall 70 feet (21 meters) deep cliff and die. The owner of the black dog tied the dog in time and took it away, so that the other sheep was out of danger.

The whole thrilling scene was filmed by photographer Eddie Nolan. He said: 'I was walking in the park and taking pictures with my camera, and I accidentally caught this black dog chasing a sheep. The sheep fell off the cliff with its back to it. The picture was breathtaking, and the people were scared. Then the black dog turned to another sheep to attack. At this time, its owner chained him and rescued the other sheep. '

Zoe stanissstreet, the sheep's owner, shared the images on social networking sites, asking dog owners to come forward to settle the compensation issue. The pictures were shared more than 6500 times by netizens.

Zoe wrote: 'this dog chased two of my sheep and caused one to fall off the cliff. This not only caused damage, but also frightened the other sheep. This is a criminal offence. At that time, many people witnessed the scene. I hope you can help me share this article, find this irresponsible dog owner and give me a statement. '

The black dog pushed the sheep to the edge of the cliff.

The sheep fell 70 feet into a cliff and died.

The dog's owner yelled and tried to stop it from killing another sheep.

The dog's owner yelled and tried to stop it from killing another sheep.