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Giraffes are jealous for their girlfriends. Their necks are bent and their spine is zigzag

Photographer mark dresdale photographed a giraffe during a trip to the Serengeti grassland in Tanzania, the Daily Telegraph reported recently. According to a local guide, the Marseilles giraffe broke its neck in a fight with a similar species five or six years ago. Without any medical care, it survived, but its spine became zigzag today.

However, due to the injury, the giraffe is not as flexible as other giraffes, and often suffers from lack of food. Dresdale said he had never seen anything like this, but the giraffe seemed to be in good health and, although not so 'normal', it looked very happy.

It is understood that in order to win the favor of female giraffes, male giraffes often "fight" and many of them are injured. However, it is very rare for giraffes to survive after breaking their necks. Usually, animals that are seriously injured in the wild and lack of medical treatment will be eaten by other carnivores. It's lucky to be able to survive.

The Marseilles giraffe is the tallest animal in the world and can even reach a height of about 5.8 meters. In the giraffe world, they stand side by side, and then push each other to prove who is the most powerful.