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The most ferocious and loyal dog in the world

Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings. Let's review the world's most ferocious 14 kinds of loyal fierce dogs --- praise them.

1. Chinese Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan mastiff is produced in Tibet and Qinghai of China. It has a long and thick coat and can sleep safely in the ice and snow. His character is resolute, powerful and ferocious, and his wild nature is still alive, which makes people afraid. Protect territory, protect food, attack, have strong hostility to strangers, but extremely intimate to the host. It is the right-hand assistant of guarding the house and herding horses and sheep. In Tibet, it is called "Tiangou". After the Westerners realized the magic of Tibetan mastiff, they called it "Oriental god dog". They have a kind of domineering and mysterious temperament. It is not news to kill a few wolves alone, and the story of fighting leopards is also widely spread. But now that we are separated from Qinghai Tibet, the real Tibetan Mastiff has become less and less, and national treasures need to be protected.

2. Japanese warrior, Japanese TUZUO, silent fighting dog

3. The strong men of tsarist Russia defend the Russian Caucasus bravely

For centuries, flocks of sheep have lived in the Caucasus, a highland between the Braque and the Caspian Sea, bordering Turkey and Iran. Similar to excellent Guardian dogs, the Caucasian shepherd dog has been guarding the sheep living here from human and other animals for at least 600 years. The fierce large guard dog is one of the top dogs in the fierce dog race.

4. Gangster, godfather's favorite, tortelliton, Italy

In ancient times, new bolyton lived in the Campania area of central Italy, but it had not been exhibited before 1947. Newbolyton may have originated from Roman fighting dog, military dog and circus dog. It was introduced from Asia by Alexandria through Greece. It is extremely fierce and has strong attack power. After hunting, he likes to eat prey and loves to drool. He clearly imagines the way his tutor holds this kind of dog

5. Terror tracking Brazil's dream of Brazil

The Brazilian mastiff is one of the two local breeds in Brazil. The other is the precious Brazilian tracking dog. This strong and powerful mastiff is bred by Spanish and Portuguese mastiff and big hound. It is used to guard livestock and competitions. It is a fierce and excellent dog. It is originally a dog species for tracking runaway slaves. Once it is targeted, the escape probability is almost zero.

6. French famous general defends bravely and calmly, Bordeaux, France

For a hundred years, Bordeaux, France, was ruled by Britain. The local big hunting dogs and the British mastiff,

There are the same kind of Spanish dog crossbreeding produced this powerful. Fierce mastiff, fierce defense, powerful, also known as the red mastiff

7. Elegant and powerful, king of hound, Dogo, Argentina

Dogo is one of the few breeds bred in South America. In 1920s, an Argentinean breeder, Dr. Antonio Rees Martinez, bred this breed for hunting leopard and puma. It is extremely excellent hound with strong attack power. It is said that it can kill wild boar alone and hunt bears with 5 dogs.

8. Fearless mythical shepherd dog Central Asian Shepherd Dog

The Central Asian Shepherd dog may be the offspring of Asian mastiff. This fearless shepherd dog has been used as a guard dog for sheep for hundreds or thousands of years.

It is a close relative of the popular large-scale Caucasian shepherd dog. It is an extremely excellent shepherd dog. It is said that with eyes, it can command sheep and deter foreign enemies. It is also the top shepherd dog,

Compared with the Tibetan mastiff, the personality is more gentle and easier to train.

9. Dangerous rabies Spanish Canary

Canary dog is a kind of dog developed from fighting dog. Its ancestors may include the local endangered badino marjoro and the offspring of the introduced British mastiff. By the 1960s, this breed was on the verge of extinction, but was later rescued by Dr. Carl semencic of the American Veterinary University. He was far away from it. For many years, it was rated by many countries as the most injurious and fatal dog species, and was banned by most countries

10. Hide the strange killer Niu Toutiao

It belongs to British blood, and its name comes from a 19th century breed named 'bull and Terrier', which is a cross between bulldog and extinct black and Tan terrier. The modern Bull Terrier is believed to have been bred by the extinct English white terrier and bulldog, Dalmatian, and Spanish pointer, Greyhound, Whippet and Foxhound. There are signs that Borzoi and Collie lineages were introduced into the breeding process to make the head appear longer. Lovely appearance, short body, it is easy to remind people of the legendary home has * dog. Hehe, it's all illusions. Can you imagine that this little guy can bite a German black back in 3 minutes.

11. Mastiff, the ancestor of fierce and domineering mastiff

He lived in England before 2000 and was exported to Rome as a military dog and fighting dog. They may be brought in from Asia through Mediterranean and Phoenician merchants, or from Urals and Northern Europe through other merchants. The westerners' evaluation of Tibetan mastiff is the eastern mastiff. Its body size is the highest in the whole dog. Even if it is very loyal, it is also a threat to the safety of its owners, especially children.

12. It's a classic guard from a famous family. CASRO, Italy

CASRO is an improved breed of old Italian shepherd dog. This improved large Bulldog was not used in mainland Italy, but bred in Sicily. They used to drive cattle to slaughterhouses, and they would actively participate in Dog Wars. They had the strength of other European mastiff dogs, but without the saliva they hated, they looked more beautiful and gorgeous, but this did not reduce its deterrent power.

13. Powerful and gentle giant Dan

Great Dan's ancestors can be traced back to the 13th century, when Jos é referred to a tall araut. King temperament, friendly to familiar people and small animals, even tolerant and humble, very suitable for family rearing, but animals about his size, it's better not to upset it, after all, it is one of the tallest breeds of dogs.

14. Hengyong invincible dog fighting God of war

There was a time when the dog was bred to be a bulldog that spread all over the world. The breed is a cross between Staffordshire Greyhound and other Bulldogs, including the now extinct bulldog. Special tissue is not easy to hurt the skin, numb pain nerves, the strongest bite force, agile action, crazy fighting and the most terrible super endurance. The body is not amazing. It can easily bite the Belgian wolfhound which is nearly twice as large in more than ten seconds. The confident walking seems to tell others that it is the invincible overlord of the fighting dog world, and in fact, it is.