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Penguin robot spy gets friendly treatment in Penguin Group

According to the Oriental Daily of Hong Kong on November 3, biologists sent out a small penguin robot spy to detect the heartbeat and other health conditions of emperor penguins. This little penguin robot spy is so cute that penguins believe it is the same kind. When it is a potential mate of its own little penguin, it talks to it.

Emperor penguins are famous for their shyness. When researchers approach them, they often 'retreat' to speed up their heart rate, which makes it impossible for scientists who check their heart rate and other health parameters to obtain data.

Therefore, international scientists and producers led by Le MAHO of the University of Strasbourg in France created a remote-controlled mechanical vehicle disguised as a penguin, which mixed into the shy penguins in adeleland, Antarctica, while researchers observed it 200 meters away.