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The successful launch of chang'e-3 probe stimulates the us to return to the moon?

Chang'e-3 will inspire private businesses to develop the moon, and NASA may study the possibility of returning to the moon

According to foreign media reports, China's chang'e-3 probe successfully landed on the moon, making the moon once again the focus of attention, but also further stimulate the United States to return to explore the moon, the use of lunar resources. Researchers from NASA's lunar exploration and analysis team are planning to return to the moon, trying to emphasize the importance of returning to the moon. As a large satellite closest to the earth, the moon surface has many kinds of resources, among which helium 3 can be used in energy industry, large-scale ground facilities can be built on the moon surface, which can be used for long-term habitation of astronauts, promoting deep space exploration of the solar system, etc., and returning to the moon seems to be on the agenda again.