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American bullfrogs are everywhere eating birds and the same kind

Bullfrogs are rampant in the United States

After hairy crabs and Asian carp, bullfrogs are rampant in the United States again! It's really breaking the hearts of Chinese foodies!

Adam middot Sepulveda, a biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, said recently that almost all bullfrogs (including the same kind) are spreading into disaster, and they are flowing down the Yellowstone River in the northwest Montana, posing a threat to native frogs.

From 2010 to 2013, the number of bullfrog breeding grounds in Montana almost tripled to 45, the Associated Press quoted Sepulveda as saying.

Researchers have found bullfrogs that stretch up to 30 centimeters.

In a research paper published in the academic journal water invasion, Sepulveda said that bullfrogs' eat anything they can eat, whether it's another bullfrog, a bird or a mosquito '.

American bullfrogs eat almost everything, including their own kind

Last year, a bullfrog was caught near the audban conservation center. When it was cut open, a oriole bird was found in its stomach.

Bullfrogs are native to the eastern United States, but due to human factors, they have spread to every state except North Dakota.

Elsewhere, Sepulveda says, they also have trouble catching native frogs, grabbing food from other animals and spreading a fungus suspected of causing a large decline in amphibians.

Montana and federal agencies initially tried to get rid of bullfrogs in place by killing them all, but after the number of bullfrogs made it hard for them to parry, the effort could only be abandoned.

They are now trying to come up with a strategy to at least contain the bullfrog disaster.

Bullfrog in dry pot (data)

As for how to deal with bullfrogs, many Chinese netizens have offered suggestions: dry pot, pickled peppers, braised garlic, soy sauce, etc