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Russia's most industrious god dog can plow and carry water

Russia, you know, the fighting nation. People's eldest brother is a real bull: he can fight tigers on the mountain, bend his bow, shoot and carve, dance, blossom, ring and bird;

What kind of country has what kind of president, what kind of country has what kind of dog? Let's see Russia, the most hardworking dog in the world.

This giant schnauzer, named lemon, lives on a farm. He must be a model worker in the revolutionary era.

Come on, let's see how brother tired plows--

Nima! This is what cows should do

But brother tired looks like a monster?

No, it's more like a horse in the mud, a horse in the mud...

Press well.. Well, it's romantic. The pastoral romance of Tian Yuan & hellip; hellip;

Romance... Let you do it 20 times a day, make sure you are tired like a dog!

After pressing the water, you have to send it to the ground.

Water pressure and transportation depend on it

The next one... It's so sad... Imagine, in the ice and snow... An old dog hasn't finished work...

I don't know why I think of the famous Russian folk song "three sets of cars" and Libin's famous painting "the traitor on the Volga River".

It's like the image of three cars / the river Volga.

Last picture of tired and master. His owner used to be a Russian military dog trainer, and he was a big pressure Dog & middlesandr mattsin.

Pressure mountain said tired in ten months when he began to reveal the initiative to help his awareness and action.

He stressed that he was tired and often offered to help and take the lead, and didn't need to pay back.

However, after work, I can still play with large-scale partners:

I also took the snowmobile with my host to the suburbs to relax.

Last picture of driving a snowmobile. But this one is a swing shot.