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Japanese monoecious lobster

Takashi Nakamura, a 36-year-old hotel owner in TOJIMA, Niaoyu City, Japan, recently bought 500 lobsters, one of which was obviously dead with its abdomen facing upwards. A closer look showed that its left half was reddish brown, while its right side was black.

And the lobster's feet and tail are missing. It's suspected that it was eaten by the same kind of lobster, and it's a rare 'hermaphrodite', which makes people think whether it's related to the impact of nuclear radiation.

Matsuda Haoyi, a senior researcher at the County Fisheries laboratory, has studied lobster growth techniques for 23 years. He said that the second time I saw this kind of lobster, it may be that when the fertilized egg divides into two cells, the rare genetic information that determines the sex and color is interlaced, and it is inferred that it is hermaphrodite. One in a million lobsters are found in the northern Atlantic Ocean.