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In Cape Town, South Africa, it seems that the ugly devil fish is about to kill

Cape Town, South Africa, found the ugly devil fish with a ferocious face. It turns out that there are such ugly fish in nature. Have you got a posture?

according to the Korean Daily website, a very terrifying marine life has been discovered recently. This kind of creature is very strange. It has a pair of eyes that seem to be staring at who, a head bigger than the body, gooseflesh color when people look at it, and strange spots on the eyes. It is a kind of strange creature.

According to reports, this strange, ugly and terrifying body of life on the sea was recently found near Cape Town, South Africa. After being found, the horrific corpse became a hot topic through SNS and media introduction.

The reason is that the creature's appearance is so strange that it's amazing. People say it has a devil face, so many netizens call it "devil fish".