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Australian Python devours crocodile in the whole process real shooting Ultra HD animal cruelty killi

The fight between life and death in the animal world is often very cruel, and it doesn't lose any drama. Recently, an Australian resident recorded the whole process of Python eating crocodile with a camera. The scene is shocking.

Tiffany Corlis photographed a python strangling and devouring an alligator in Lake moondarra, Queensland: a giant olive Python suddenly wrapped around a 1.8-meter-long crocodile at lightning speed and strangled it.

No matter how the crocodile struggles, it can't get rid of the Python's powerful body. Later, the olive Python swallowed the whole crocodile. It is reported that after enjoying the crocodile meal, the python can stop eating for several months. However, it needs to rearrange its internal organs to make room for food. Although the process of swallowing was slow, the whole crocodile disappeared in the Python's mouth. Later, the python, which doubled in size, disappeared into the nearby jungle.