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110 million years ago, the dragonfly fossils unearthed in Gansu Province showed clearly the wing vei

Have you seen the oldest Dragonfly fossil? What does the ancient Dragonfly look like? Is it the same as it is now?

recently, there are 110 million years old dragonflies in Gansu Province. The time of these fossils is the same as that of dinosaurs. According to the analysis of relevant experts, these ancient dragonflies may first migrate from Russia to East Asian countries such as China and South Korea.

Ancient dragonflies are much bigger than we think. Zhang Haichun found the largest Dragonfly fossil in China in Daohugou area, Ningcheng County, Inner Mongolia. If he opened his wings, it would be 22.5cm long. It lived 165 million years ago and is the largest dragonfly in China and the fourth largest in the world. Zhang Haichun named the Dragonfly "Zhao's restoration Dragonfly".

It is understood that this Dragonfly fossil only preserved one of its wings. The wing is 10.76cm long, and the veins in the wing are clear and distinguishable. Each wing is 1.43cm wide.