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Why roosters talk before they are slaughtered

Have you heard of the talking parrot? Have you heard of the talking Rooster? Recently, in the market of makurti, Nigeria, there was a farce of the rooster talking before being slaughtered, which scared the local residents. The police randomly sent the talking Rooster to you. Today, the editor will give you the reason why the rooster talked before being slaughtered and make an inventory of the talking animals in the world 。

A review of the cock talking before being slaughtered

Local women in Nigeria said that after the rooster was slaughtered, people crowded to the police station to see the talking rooster. However, with more and more people gathered in front of the police station, in order to avoid traffic accidents, traffic police have to use tear gas to evacuate the crowd. (the second page reveals the reason why the rooster spoke before being slaughtered)

The reason why Rooster talk before being slaughtered

The first kind of conjecture about the reason why roosters talk before they are slaughtered: roosters talk because they are like parrots, not because they have human thinking, but just because they parrot. (this is the most plausible reason for a rooster to talk before being slaughtered, but the following rule is amazing.)

The second kind of conjecture about the reason why roosters talk before being slaughtered: others conjecture that roosters talk before being slaughtered, which is probably caused by aliens, because there are too many such animals around the world, all talking before being slaughtered, and the content is very strange. (go down and count the number of talking animals in the world)

Count the animals in the world who can talk before being slaughtered

According to CNN, in 2003, a man in the United States, Rosen, was killing a fish when he suddenly opened his mouth and shouted to watch out for the end of the world. Rosen said he was almost scared to death.

Lu, who lives in the dormitory of the Party School of Changchun provincial Party committee, is 70 years old. Her relatives and friends all know that there is a rare treasure in her family - a 9-year-old cat who can imitate people's speech. Aunt LV said that six years ago, they were playing mahjong at home when they heard someone shouting "grandma". Everyone was shocked. The voice came from Mimi the kitten. Since then Mimi has said more and more. When you wake up, if you can't see people, you'll shout 'what are you doing?' when you play mahjong, it will ask 'what's the matter?' the voice is very clear, just like a little girl talking.

The reason why roosters talk before being slaughtered is probably a kind of prank of learning human speech after conditioned reflex, but there are also some animals that talk before being slaughtered with strange content. It is said that the reason why roosters talk before being slaughtered is because they are controlled by aliens is also worth investigating.