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A Boeing 747 forced to land 390 cows to fart, causing the cabin to overheat

According to CAA data, the local airport has received more than 1200 distress signals in two years. One of the reasons for the forced landing of a flight is quite strange. The reason is that the cows on the plane emit too much gas, which causes the cabin to overheat and triggers the fire alarm.

According to media reports, there is a Boeing 747 flight full of 390 cows in the UK. When it passes the Irish sea, the fire alarm suddenly rings and lands at Heathrow airport. After the aircraft landed, the technicians went to the aircraft for inspection and found no fire point. The technicians speculated that it was likely that the steak in the aircraft produced too much gas, which caused the cabin to be too hot and triggered the fire alarm.

The average temperature of dairy cattle is about 38.6 ℃, a little higher than that of human beings. In addition to the high temperature, dairy cows also release 100 to 200 liters of methane every day. So if many cows gather to release gas, the temperature in the machine may rise and trigger an alarm. Of the more than 1200 distress signals collected by the British civil aviation authority, 186 were distress signals, ranging from birds to crew members.