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How to make up for a date? What are the make-up skills for a lady?

How to make up for a date? What are the make-up skills for a lady's date? Five steps to make up for a date. I'm going to make a date soon. I'll teach you some tips to make up for a date easily. female editor teaches you lady dating make-up skills, make-up just right!

The first step in dating Makeup: Concealer

Secret: after the bottom make-up, light a few places, immediately incarnate porcelain doll

In general make-up procedures, it is usually done with liquid foundation and then using Concealer products, and then powder and makeup powder, but in quick makeup, only using concealer and powder instead of all processes, and with proper techniques, you can get the same effect.

After skin care procedures, first use concealer to partially cover uneven skin, such as bags under the eyes, corners of the mouth, alar and so on. Then replace the foundation with powdery powder, directly use damp sponge or honey powder to brush on the face, the bottom makeup part completes this.

The second step of dating Makeup: one stroke painting

Dating makeup tips: use eye liner instead of eye shadow and eyebrow pencil, or replace eye liner and eyebrow pencil with eye shadow.

Suggestion: the color of eye shadow should be chosen with the same color and slightly lighter colors. We should be careful about the use of blue and green, and don't make people feel too colorful. Coffee is the safest color. In addition, mascara is also an important step in make-up. It is suggested that the electric eyelashes on the beauty salon should be put on the weekend. It can save 3~5 minutes per day to clip eyelashes, and it can last for several months. Besides, eyeliner is also a very important part of make-up. Now there are many choices for MM, such as eyeliner, eyeliner, eye liner, etc. It depends on personal preference.

Dating makeup third step: quick makeup eye shadow method

Quick makeup, especially strong eye shadow, because accidentally painting will be quite troublesome. According to their own characteristics, such as light pink, gold and light green can be used to set eyes on the eye. Do not draw thick eyeliner. Of course, it is better not to paint the eyeliner. The upper eyeliner can choose brown and gold to finish.

The fourth step of dating Makeup: blush of lips and cheeks

Secret: a lipstick to fix lips and blush.

In addition to eye makeup, the most important thing is lip makeup. A bright and full red lip is the envy of all sisters! But lip makeup always has such disadvantages: one is decolorization, two is never enough delicate and moist, three is afraid of choosing the wrong color. It's easy to make your own lip makeup. The right color is the key.

Step 5: groom your hair

Simply take care of your hair, you can use some hairdressing products to make your hair soft and comfortable.

What are the make-up skills of ladies' date? More articles about ladies' make-up on women's make-up popular make-up channel will continue to answer how to draw date make-up for you. Join us quickly!