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How to make up a lady on a blind date in autumn?

How to make a lady's make-up for a blind date in autumn 2011? Lady's make-up emphasizes softness and generosity. Therefore, in the choice of color, we should use the same color that is not different from the skin color. However, the pink and tender color system can also be used locally.

Make up steps:

Step1: from the fold of the eyelid, the beige eye shadow is naturally stained to the entire socket, showing a three-dimensional sense.

Step2: at the base of the eyelash, use eye liner to outline the eyeliner, so that your eyes can be more attractive.

Step 3: put the eyelash clip into the root of the eyelash, and lift the eyelash clip in the three-stage fashion.

Step4: brush the mascara with the action of gently lifting the Z font. The thick curly eyelash can make the eyes more profound.

Step5: starts from the highest position of the zygomatic bone, blushes the cheeks in the hairline direction, and the rosy face can give people the impression of healthy and beautiful ladies.

Step 6: choose lipstick close to natural lip color, and then brush a thin layer of lip gloss to create natural and beautiful lips.