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How to create elegant lady makeup?

How to create elegant lady makeup? A real lady should be elegant, gentle, with the beauty that an intellectual woman should have. She pursues fashion, has the charm that a woman should have, and exudes the charm of an intellectual woman. Young you can put on a lady make-up to improve your elegant temperament. For you over 30 years old, you can also use lady make-up to help you spread your connotation and unique femininity to the extreme. What kind of makeup is natural and elegant lady Cougar? ­ delicate eye makeup and elegant blush are the key. 3 tips, if you follow closely, whether you are young MM or mature women, can give off the ultimate femininity.

Skill 1: clear eyelashes

Temperament lady eyes clear as water, thick and long eyelashes is the key point. Attention! Of course, you can't have eyelashes sticking together like cockroach legs. A lot of MM complain, why is brush the eyelash with clear root, the method that you brush eyelash is right?

Step1. first use eyelash curler to curl eyelashes, then use mascara up from the roots of the eyelashes.

Step2. choose a thick, thick mascara to brush the eyelash, brush it down from the bottom of the lower eyelash, and turn the lower eyelash black.

Step 3. Brush your eyelashes with step 2's eyelash brush and turn them up.

Step 4. Use a short toothed eyelash comb to comb the upper eyelashes from bottom to top to avoid cockroach legs.

Create tips

There are many different mascara mascara available on the market. First, brush the eyelashes two times with thick, thick mascara, then change the hard and short mascara to make curling effect. Finally, lashes with eyelashes comb is the key to makeup for ladies.

Skill 2: pink eye makeup

Pink is the patent of a lady. The big eyes are accompanied by pink eye shadow. The whole eye socket (a part) is smeared with pale pink. The corner of the eye is lighter in color, the middle eye color should be deepened, the eyes will be deep, and the lower eyelashes should be painted with pink eye shadow. Use a deeper brown to draw a thicker upper Eyeliner on the root of the upper eyelash (B area), pay attention to the transition with pink eye shadow, and try to weaken the natural area in the transition area. At the head of the eye and the tail of the lower eyelash (C Part), white high gloss powder was used to brighten the eyes again to increase the effect.

Create tips

A variety of color eye shadow boxes are necessary makeup for ladies' makeup. Use eyeliner or eyeliner to draw a more attractive eye liner to make your eyes bigger and brighter.

Tip three, light pink, light blush.

Use the pale pink with the eye shadow coloring system to sweep the cheek muscles from the cheekbones below the cheekbones to make the face more elegant. If you want to make blush more natural, you can choose liquid or paste blush products, the effect is moist, and the whole makeup is more harmonious.

Create tips

A lady's makeup is of temperament and elegance. The blush of the red will look charming, while the orange will be the best collocation of the sun and the pink lady.