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Star girl Zhang Yuqi's beautiful lady makeup

Recently, when Zhang Yuqi appeared at an activity site in Shanghai, her arched belly caused a lot of reporters' infinite conjecture: I don't know if she is fat or not=“ " target="_ But then when she attended another brand event in Hong Kong, she showed off her good figure and even stepped on 10 cm high heels, so that the rumor that she was pregnant could not be overcome. Just wait for Xiaobian to show you the charming makeup of this' star girl '.

Zhang Yuqi is one of the most famous actresses in China. She is famous for her starring in Stephen Chow's movie Changjiang No.7. In addition to Zhang Yuqi's figure in movies and TV plays, she has become a hot Advertising Spokesperson and frequently appeared on the covers of Elle, big day and other fashion magazines.

Recently, Zhang Yuqi appeared in Hong Kong to attend a fashion brand event. On that night, she not only displayed her good figure in the clothing of the brand, but also stepped on the shoes more than 10 cm high, so that the rumor that she was pregnant could not be overcome. The delicate and beautiful red lips make-up makes her more charming.

At an event in Shanghai, Zhang Yuqi appeared in a purple one shoulder Tulle dress. The transparent design is extremely sexy, and the eye makeup has deepened the effect. It is more deep and charming. The naked pink lipstick highlights the fashion sense.

Wearing Stella Luna spring / Summer 2011 collection, Zhang Yuqi attended the fashion evening banquet. The red dress with a single shoulder is very beautiful and lovely. The bright bun is more practical, and the pink blush gives the beautiful muscle more energy.

Zhang Yuqi attended Dior's 2011 spring vacation Series in Shanghai, China. Wearing a rose red bead piece dress, she has a beautiful back and a variety of styles. The beautiful makeup is made of brown eye shadow to create eye, so that the electric eye is more attractive. The rose red lipstick and the dress match perfectly, perfectly displaying the feminine charming posture.

At the scene of the event, Zhang Yuqi's "flower head" with a distinctive style made her a bit of fun. The white translucent shirt was intelligent and elegant, accompanied by pale pink blush and bare lips.

The sexy black dress makes Zhang Yuqi more mature. The pink and pink muscles shine a bit in the sunlight, and pink lipsticks adorn the lips. The sweet smile is irresistible.