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Gwyneth's elegant lady make-up is dynamic and perfect

Gwyneth elegant lady make-up, moving temperament perfect show! Recently, Gwyneth Paltrow, a famous Hollywood actress, came to China=“ " target="_ Blank "class =" key "> double cover of" sex is done ". In the photo, she is sitting lazily on the sofa, showing her legs; or sitting in meditation, her golden hair shining in the afterglow of the setting sun. Today, I'll show you how Gwyneth & middot; Paltrow looks.

Gwyneth Paltrow is a well-known Hollywood actress, singer, model, writer and fashion icon. Such multiple identities are easy for her. Recently, Gwyneth filmed the cover of Elle. Her fresh and beautiful make-up has shown her mature and elegant charm.

Gwyneth won the 71st Academy Award for Best Actress for her outstanding performance in Shakespeare. So she went to the top of her career and became a first-class star in Hollywood. As a typical blonde, Gwyneth also has good behavior and quality, few words and careful mind, good education and unique temperament make her unique charm.

Gwyneth always exudes a touch of elegance between her actions. On makeup, she also advocates simple nature, not too much modification. Pale brown eye shadow and orange blush can perfectly embellish her deep eyes and facial contour.

Gwyneth wore Stella McCartney dress and Fred Leighton jewelry at the charity dance at the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York. A piece of beads sparkle dazzling light, and Gwyneth's blonde harmonious match.

Gwyneth, wearing a Michael kors evening dress, attended the vanity fair Oscar Party. Straight hair is more beautiful. She uses dark brown and silver gray eye shadow to blend in the eye socket, creating a different charm. Lavender lipstick is the best symbol of nobility.

At this year's Academy Awards, Gwyneth walked down the red carpet in a Calvin Klein dress. Silver white dress murdered countless film, pink orange blush and bare lips match, even more elegant Gwyneth.

In the New York Premiere of the movie Country Strong, Gwyneth also extended the bold route before, wearing the white Pucci long dress with bare slits, and the light gray and smoky smoke made her eyes more beautiful and shiny, neutralizing with the naked lipstick, and the overall image was sexy and eye-catching.

Gwyneth, wearing a bright orange CK (Calvin Klein) dress, appeared at the "17th Hollywood women's gift 2010" awards. Gwyneth, who also has a beautiful back, shines with the light of a star under the embellishment of a bright little dress. With her consistent fresh make-up and charming smile, Gwyneth is worthy of being the representative of an elegant woman who fascinates all Americans.