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How to create beautiful ladies' makeup?

The charming style of the make-up has maintained a sweet taste. How to create beautiful ladies' makeup? Peach like lips and round wrapped eyeliners are the knack of showing witty and gentle. Xiaobian and everyone together to draw how to create beautiful lady makeup.

Delicate style make-up

Building steps:

Eye makeup to create the key: Curly eyelash + wrapped eye liner, to create a smart round eyes;

The same is wrapped in thick black eyeliner, as long as the eyelash shape modification and reduce the three-dimensional sense, you can create lovely results.

First of all, use chocolate eye shadow in the eye socket.

Depict inner Eyeliner: draw the eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelash roots.

Repeat dizzy eye liner: dizzy eye liner and repeated dizzy staining in the eyes.

2. Key points of lip make-up: pearly lipstick creates a girl's atmosphere

The contour of the lips will be reduced to the minimum, showing pure and beautiful lips.

Moisturizing Lip Gloss: apply Chocolate Lip Gloss to both lips.

The center of the lips is decorated with gold transparent lipstick.

This make-up is lovely and playful with some sexy taste. Round black encircles the eyes and moisturizes the lips!

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