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How to paint a lady's make-up to become a natural beauty?

Graceful lady, but you can't move your eyes wherever you go! How to paint a good lady's makeup into a natural beauty? Let's take a look at how to transform with Xiaobian~

Make up 1:

Details: there is a natural feeling of makeup like no make-up. The eyebrows dyed with brown eyebrow dye cream are slightly lighter than hair color, natural and soft. The eye shadow is used to create the effect of nude make-up. Only partly hidden and partly visible eyelashes, and the mascara can be used to create a clear eyelash. The most notable thing is the use of blush, large area of the paint circle with the method of dyeing, so that the whole color looks like from the bottom of the muscle. No need to painstakingly draw the lip line, only cover the lip color before using the foundation, then apply the meat color lipstick, and finally sweep a layer of transparent lip gloss to make the lips soft and plump.

Make up 2:

Details: the eye is the window of the soul ', therefore, the modification of the eye is very important. If you want to look feminine, remember to lengthen your eyeliner, while the lower eyeliner can't use the whole package. You only need to draw 1/3 eyes and connect to the upper eyeliner, while the blank space is filled with eye shadow. If you want to modify the eye shape, you can't draw it according to your original eye shape. You should decorate it according to the eye shape you want to get.

Make up 3:

Details: with a little handsome, with a little cute combination. As long as it is applied properly, smoky makeup can also create a lady's style. Using the earth color, brown and so on closer to the yellow skin of the eye shadow color will be more affinity. If you want to create smoky eye makeup, make your eyes bigger and more magical, you can narrow the width of each area, make it lighter and highlight the thick black eye liner. This way will not make makeup look very heavy, or make your eyes brighter. And other make-up parts should be correspondingly weakened to achieve a fresh effect. How to paint a lady's make-up to become a natural beauty? Sihai color makeup editor showed you three kinds of lady's make-up, one of which you will like & hellip; & hellip;