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How to draw eye make-up to create temperament dating makeup?

Beautiful tip: only with pink eye shadow, blush and lip gloss, you can create a famous and charming yet gentle pink Feifei makeup. The key to this makeup is eye depiction, how to draw eye makeup, create temperament dating makeup, follow the steps of Xiaobian, you can also DIY a pink Feifei makeup!

Step 1 eye socket construction

Dip the dark red eye shadow into the entire eye socket to make the eye socket more stereoscopic.

Step 2 brightens eyelids

In the middle of the eye print light purple, while printing halo open, let the eyes in the look between the radiance.

Step 3 draw the upper eyeliner.

Just drawing on the eyeliner will make your eyes look a little more spiritual, but with the lower Eyeliner will damage the sense of powder, so we can use the black eye liner to draw the fine upper eyeliner.

Step 4 blush build

Chew the pink cheeks on the cheek muscles to increase the pink feel of the cheeks. At the same time, the pink blush can make the whole face softer.

Step 5 Lip outline

Use the pink and red lip pencil to outline the lip shape and make the lip makeup more clean.

Step 6 Lip Gloss

Fill the area outlined by the lip line with pink pearlescent lip gloss.

Tips: lighten your lips and control the dosage, otherwise your mouth will look greasy

It's done! The temperament of a famous woman is obvious. Is it super exciting? Try it by yourself~