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How to quickly create ladies' make-up that everyone loves?

Beauty tips: how to quickly create a person's favorite lady make-up? This is the pursuit of every beauty lover, how to quickly, but not too rough to create a lady's make-up? Then, Xiaobian has prepared a few ladies' makeup for you, hoping to help!

Ladies makeup 1: pure sweet wind silver white eye shadow + pearl light blush

Pure sweet wind, but get rid of the previous monotonous pink Department sweet feeling, let the sweet plus the lady, lovely in a little feminine flavor.

Makeup key words: silver gray eye shadow, pearl light blush, moist lips.

Steps: 1. eye makeup from the past monotonous sweetness, use silver gray eye shadow, emphasize the charm of the eyes, so that the eyes look more divine. 2. blush emphasizes the luster of skin, so the choice of blush should be based on pearlescent color. It does not need to be too pink. It only needs light to create a natural sense of light. The key of the 3. lip makeup is the sense of the lips, so the lip gloss of water should be the first choice. The color can be pink, and the pink and tender cherry lips can enhance the sweetness of makeup. More outstanding.

Ladies makeup, 2: personality, ladies, wind, silver, white, eye shadow + peach blush.

Who said that personality style and lady's feeling do not match at all? In fact, as long as the color system is used well, it will bump into unexpected surprise!

Makeup Keywords: silver white eye shadow, peach blush, scarlet lip color.

Key steps: 1. the eye makeup part chooses the bold silver white eye shadow, very Cool! With the ivory white bottom, plus the grey with flashing powder, it feels very personal. 2. blush, choose pink, press your fingers on your cheeks, push gently, create a good red complexion, balance eye makeup, so that the whole makeup will not be personalized without the feeling of a lady. 3. lip makeup is also like blush, choose a girl's deep red, with the eye makeup conflict feeling, the style is more obvious.

Ladies makeup, 3: sexy ladies, wind, earth, color, eye shadow + light blush + nude color lip makeup.

Sexiness shows the feeling of a lady and a little woman. As long as you pay attention to the key points, this kind of makeup will make him unable to put it down!

Makeup Keywords: earth color, eye shadow, light blush, nude color lip makeup.

Step key: 1. eye makeup part adopts the eye shadow of the earth color department, and emphasizes the outline of the eyes. This is the key of makeup. Get rid of the sharp eye makeup of the sexy makeup, and make the makeup look softer. 2. blush, you need to emphasize the skin's transparency, color can choose light color, and in the cheekbones part of the bright, so that makeup makeup shows a clear nude make-up luster and soft color, looks more sexy, with a light feminine! 3., the choice of lip makeup color should choose the bare color system, so that it can highlight the charming eyes. Three dimensional and moistening. Dudu's lips add a lady's sweetness to her overall make-up.